Spring Photography Enjoyment

Even though winter is having its last try at holding on, I want to believe that spring has begun to show its face. I have been looking through my viewfinder to try and discover changes in nature to prove that spring is here. It is lovely to see the changes happening during this time and to be able to record them with my camera.

Here are some of the things that I look for when I am out and about these days:


Living in a northern area, the days get noticeably longer in March and April. Longer days, with their earlier sunrises and later sunsets, allow much more opportunity for being outside and capturing the golden light.

~New Life~

Looking around at new life has got to be the most delightful scavenger hunt of the season. It’s exciting to see new things blooming after the long hibernation of winter.


It seems that everything is more active these days. Fortunately, I haven’t run into any bears yet, but the squirrels and other creatures keep me entertained while I am out on my walks or looking through my kitchen window.


Being able to witness the retreat of winter on warmer days, the uncovering of what the snow had buried, seeing the opening of the river and listening to the water run, are all part of the joy of the season.


I hope you are enjoying the coming of spring and the transformation and hope that it brings.



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