Flower Awakening Rings

My soul awakens like the opening of the petals of a flower, and the beauty of each day shines into my very being.

Awakening to the beauty and blessing in each day is the inspiration to Flower Awakening Ring.

These handmade rings are made of sterling silver, featuring a Labradorite gemstone.

You can find them here

Have a great start of the week!




There is joy on an early spring day to go for a walk as the sun rises.

The morning dew sparkles as the first sun rays reflect off the blossoms.

The sun, the sweet aroma… new life is flowering all around.

Spring Blossom Earrings are a representation of the blooming anew and revived joy.

Designed and built in my studio, I made them of sterling silver.

These earrings feature a small flower in the middle. + I have more on the go on my bench for my spring show!

These ones are freshly listed in my shop

Have an awesome day!