Free The Children

Hello friends,

I made the Free The Children necklace to help increase awareness of and show support for the immigrant children who are in detainment facilities in the southern United States.
Although the policy of separating apprehended families has been recently reversed, current news indicates that there are still around 2000 children being held in US government custody who have been separated from their parents. In many cases, these children live every day and go to sleep at night not knowing where their parents are, or when they will get to see them. Likewise, many parents do not know the location of their children, or if they will be able to see them again.
The purpose of these necklaces is to show support for these children, and urge the government to reunite them with their parents immediately.

These necklaces are available in my Etsy shop. For each necklace sold, A Girl With Feathers will donate 30% of the purchase price to the Family Reunification Fund of World Relief USA. For more information on this initiative, please visit their web site at



Share the love. Let’s support families reunited!