Born and raised in southern Mexico, Carolina now lives with her husband in a land of forest and prairie in Alberta, Canada.

Her interest in creating handmade things was begun by her grandmother who was a baker, and her grandfather who was a scratch-build shoemaker. As she had the blessing of living close to them, their dedication to handmade living and the joy they experienced from it influenced her to make things with her own hands.

Carolina began making beaded jewelry soon after university. Trying out silversmithing, she immediately fell in love with it, and has continued working with silver ever since.  In her studio, she creates unique pieces of silver jewelry with stories that are inspired by nature. Each piece is crafted by hand, and her natural gemstones are hand-picked for brilliance of color and  light reflection.

When she is not in her studio, you can find her in her garden, or out exploring with her camera. She enjoys writing with natural light, along country roads or in lofty mountains.

When she has the opportunity, she goes back to her roots in Mexico to spend time with family at the Pacific Ocean.