A Rocky Mountain day

The hope of a bright sunny day in the mountains beckoned Rick and I to gather our things and head out one weekend morning. Armed with a picnic lunch, our cameras and outdoor clothes, we were fully prepared for a day of exploring and photographing. Half way there, it started snowing hard enough that we even considered turning back. With the determination to enjoy what we could of the day, we continued on. As we arrived closer to Canmore, good weather smiled on us, and the skies opened up and granted us a clear and sunny day. With a brilliant blanket of snow, the faithful evergreens, and fauna coming out to greet us, delight was all around. Taking the time for a walk next to a flowing stream, we took in the last bit of light as the sun set beyond distant peaks. Content hearts took us home as we drove back with the company of the night.

Until we grow restless for the mountains once more…

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